Tribeca 2015: Critics Choice

Kurt Brokaw of The Independent selected Big Boy as one of the top films at Tribeca this year!

"A touch of midnight comedy relief is needed. The title character in Big Boy is perky 9-year-old Dustin, who’s riding in the backseat with mom and dad, and desperately needs a bathroom after all that soda pop. So dad pulls off a Seattle/Tacoma highway into a solitary rest stop with a public bathroom. It looks okay from the outside and dad thinks Dustin’s old enough to take care of business without him tagging along. Bouncing a red rubber ball, the kid strides manfully from the family car and into the men’s room..."

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The amazing and talented, David Larson was interviewed by UTG about Big Boy and screenwriting!

"Big Boy was my first time collaborating with Bryan Campbell. I met Bryan through a mutual friend, Mike Astle, who is one of the producers with Jason Aumann. Mike had read all of the stuff that I had written, and I had worked with him on a project that he was writing. He liked the script and said that he might know a director that might be interested in this material. He got us in touch, we set up a meeting and hit if off over burritos at El Chupacabra..."

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Bryan Campbell: BIG BOY, Tribeca, and Representing Washington in NYC

Washington Filmworks wrote a really nice piece on "Big Boy", Bryan and what it's like to be a filmmaker in Seattle.

"Seattle-based filmmaker Bryan Campbell is gearing up for an exciting week. After his short film The Bond won Best Narrative Short at the 2014 Seattle Transmedia Independent Film Festival, Campbell is having the world premiere of his latest short Big Boy at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Washington Filmworks sat down with Campbell to discuss his short (a comedy about a child who ventures into a filthy rest-stop bathroom), the upcoming premiere, and working in Washington..."

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Seattle's Bryan Campbell accepted into Tribeca Film Festival

The Examiner gave "Big Boy" a really great write up before we left for NYC.

Big Boy is a true Seattle “crewtopia” labor of love. It was shot using an amazingly talented cast and crew who all live and work locally. The film was written by David R. Larson, produced by Mike Astle and Jason Aumann, Production Designed by Kristen Bonnalie and shot by Stefan Scherperel (who was also the visual effects supervisor on last year indie hit, “The One I Love”). Kristen amazingly transformed a perfectly clean restroom into the effectively disgusting set you can see in the clip above--and then back to clean again!--in a mere 72 hours..."

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